• Softscaping

      Softscaping is the art of selecting and positioning plants to create the desired ambiance of the garden. Whilst the construction elements create the utility aspects – the hardscaping – it is in the planting out of a space that a mood can really be created, and the full potential of an area can be achieved.

      Urban Outdoors can assist you in:

      • Soil conditioning
      • Planting and plant selection
      • Turfing
      • Mulching


    • Hardscaping

      We have the ability to enhance the appearance and functionality of any outdoor living space with a wide variety of elements. Working in harmony with your yard or garden, Urban Outdoors can install just about any type of walkway, path, paving, retaining wall, patio, decking or driveway imaginable. We are capable of working with a variety of mediums, from timber through to block, brick and stone – the options are virtually limitless.


    • Landscape Maintenance

      Our skilled team of landscapers can look after all aspects of horticultural maintenance. This includes lawn maintenance, hedging/pruning, weed control, mulching, fertilising and irrigation. We also offer clearing and removal of landscape waste, hardscape maintenance such as the oiling/staining of timber decks, pergolas and screens, and also high pressure cleaning of hard surfaces.


Unique Urban Outdoors Services

  • 12 month warranty of plant survival when installed by us *.
  • No-cost consultation.
  • Inner city edible gardens.
  • Landscape lighting.
  • Out of the ordinary decking designs.

Landscape Design